Down Under Birdography
A Collection of Australian Birding Photographs by Eric J Taylor
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For many years, I have been interested in the unique bird-life of Australia.  This island-continent offers the world an interesting and different collection of birds.

Please enjoy my collection of bird photographs. While most of the photographs come from South Australia, some have been taken during various trips I have made to other states.  I will be continuously adding more birds to this website, so please call again.

If you would like copies of my photographs, they are available for purchase through on either paper or canvas.  Prices are available through that website.  The photographs will be printed and despatched through that website.

Copyright of all photographs remains with the photographer.  Any photographs sold are for the personal use of the purchaser and not for commercial use.  This condition also applies to any subsequent purchaser.  Anyone wishing to use these photographs for commercial purposes should contact the photographer.  Photographs may be made available for educational or scientific purposes at the discretion of the photographer.

crested tern
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