Down Under Birdography
A Collection of Australian Birding Photographs by Eric J Taylor
About Us

Eric grew up in Glenelg, South Australia and still lives in Adelaide's beachside with his wife, Judy.  For over 40 years he has been a yachtsman, enjoying dealing with the natural elements.

He discovered the wonderful world of birds by accident several years ago.  While on holiday in Queensland, he took an action shot of a brahminy kite, which turned out to be exceptional.  That photograph motivated him to look at broadening his interest in wildlife. From that particular photo, he became keen to upgrade his camera skills with the aim of photographing birds.

While his first photos were taken with a basic "pocket rocket" digital camera, he has since learned more about cameras. He now uses a Sony a200 Digital SLR camera to photograph a wide range of Australian native birds
Since that introduction to bird photography, Eric has placed many bird photographs onto the International birding website BirdForum and shared his interest with many like-minded bird photographers around the world.  Together with Judy, he has become a member of Birds SA, the South Australian Ornithological Association Inc.

Eric has recently decided to make a selection of his photographs available for purchase and established Down Under Birdography to do this.  Those photos can be viewed and purchased through the "Buyaphoto" website.  Click on this link then look for Down Under Birdography in the list of photographers, then select your photograph size and presentation.  The prices are listed on that site including postage and handling costs which are  located under the FAQ tab..

We trust that you enjoy the photos on this website.  The site will be updated from time to time, so please come back again.

About Us
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